BestDuty Potjie Pot Flat Bottom

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Size 2
Capacity: 5.8 litres

You’ll have few better times than those spent chilling with friends having a beer or glass of wine around a potjie, eagerly anticipating that delicious, homeland potjie kos!
Designed for slow-cooking over an open fire, they’re the perfect cooking utensil, preparing healthy great-tasting food.

The Flat-Bottomed pots can be used for gas as well as open fires.

Recommended in preparation for cooking:
Wash out thoroughly with boiling water and then dry
Coat the inside with cooking oil (any) and heat until it begins to smoke
Using a paper towel wipe inside clean. Repeat until towel wipes clean
The pot is now ready for use.
The more you use it the better it becomes
After each use wash, dry and coat inside with oil/Spray & Cook
Store in a dry place with absorbent paper inside and the lid off