House of Macadamias Nuts Onion 40g

House of Macadamias Nuts Onion 40g

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Onion, salt and a little bit of garlic. A staple used by top Chefs around the world for good reason. If you looking for something savoury, and extraordinary healthy. This is for you. 

Performance nutrition that doubles as a delicious treat decadent enough to satisfy any sweet tooth or chocolate lover.

Snack smarter
Treat yourself to a delicious AND healthy snack. For athletic performance or just an energy boost through your day. Choose 100% natural, nutrient-dense snacks created to support your immune system, enhancing mood and sustaining energy.

Better for you
All our products contain no artificial ingredients, no gluten or sugar. Only sustainably sourced planted based ingredients. Health conscious, low carb, keto diet friendly.