Tatenda Wholegrain Maize Meal Gold Label 5kg

Tatenda Wholegrain Maize Meal Gold Label 5kg

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Tatenda Whole Grain Maize Meal 2kg

Tatenda No. 1 Choice Maize Meal.

Wholegrain:/Mugaiwa/Umgaiwa (GOLD LABEL) is sometimes referred to as straight run mealie meal as it is milled whole and unsifted and no additives.  The 'Gem' or 'Heart" of our  Naturally dried maize gives our products that yellowish Authentic colour. Wholegrain contains complex carbohydrates which give it that authentic goodness taste and they release glucose slowly into the bloodstream to give stable and sustainable energy levels to the body. It also provides fibre which is essential for good digestion.

No genetically modified maize meal.

No additives

No Allergens