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About us

The Savanna is a privately owned family business based in London, founded in 2005. After a number of management positions at Marks and Spencer, our main founder (Lisa Gardshol) has invested heavily in turning Savanna from a start-up into a real business: we now have over 11,500 customers a week spanning eight London stores and a growing presence online with over 15,000 members. 

Ragnar Gardshol has built up our dedicated import division that ships all our groceries in from South Africa, while we make all The Savanna's meat products at our Wimbledon butchery. This allowed us to launch our own biltong brand, m-eat! along with our sister website 

Good friendly customer service is Savanna's core principle. Our standards are high with friendly first-rate staff and our stores are designed to the highest spec. Looking ahead, while we plan to keep on growing, it will never, ever be because we have compromised on the quality of what we do. There are too many people working here who are just as passionate about this business as our founder and they would never let that happen.