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Banhoek Chilli Oil 250ml  (+ Free 100ml BB: 31/12/23)

Banhoek Chilli Oil 250ml (+ Free 100ml BB: 31/12/23)

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Purchase a bottle of Banhoek Chilli Oil 250ml before 15th November and receive a free 100ml bottle and stand a chance to win a DeliVita Diavolo Gas-Fired Pizza Oven worth £349!✨ PURCHASE TO ENTER NOW!

Banhoek Chilli Oil is a handcrafted, premium grade, artisan chilli oil made from just two ingredients, the highest quality rapeseed oil and dried Thai Birdseye chillies. 100% natural, no preservatives, GMO free.

This award winning, delicious, golden-hued oil delivers just the right level of spice. Perfect on pizza, pasta, cooked breakfasts, soups, salads, and delicious on everything else.