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m-eat! Beef Biltong BBQ 35g
m-eat! Beef Biltong BBQ 35g

m-eat! Beef Biltong BBQ 35g

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 Enjoy the mouth-watering taste of m-eat!'s Beef Biltong BBQ with 35g of delicious dried beef snacks. This savory, beef snack is cured and contains no preservatives. Perfect for protein-packed snacking! 

Most barbecue-flavoured biltong is made using unholy preservatives whereas ours is super clean and made from natural spices, just the way you like it!

With almost 60% protein, m-eat! boosts your recovery, keeps you full longer and replenishes your muscle reserves. Perfect for active lifestyles. Biltong is the original protein bar.



200g beef per 100g finished product biltong, black pepper, salt, coriander, bbq spice mix (includes mustard, celery, sesame), cider vinegar.

Preservatives: potassium sorbate (inhibits the growth of mould), ascorbic acid (preserves freshness), sulphur dioxide