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Venison Boerewors 500g
Venison Boerewors 500g

Venison Boerewors 500g

The Savanna
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Introducing our delicious Venison Boerewors.

Crafted from the finest game meat, this savory delight offers a lean and low-fat alternative boerewors option. Infused with natural flavors and expertly seasoned, each bite is a celebration of authenticity. Free from artificial additives, it embodies purity in taste and quality. Indulge in the richness of the wild with every mouthwatering bite of our Venison Boerewors.

Pack size: 500g. 


100% beef,Water, Malt Vinegar (from barley), Worcester Sauce (from Barley), Sugar, Salt, Anchovies (fish). Flavourings, Spices, Cereal (wheat, bran, gluten), Herbs, Preservatives, MSG.


*If frozen use within 3 months of use by date.